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Meet Kassie

Who am I?

I'm a mom, wife, veteran and coffee lover.  I grew up in Wisconsin riding horses and climbing trees.  I am married to my best friend and we have two awesome kiddos, two dogs a cat and even a horse! 

I started photographing weddings full time (as in I took a scary leap of faith and quit my day job) in 2014, but I have been photographing as a professional since 2010 and photographing anything and everything since I was a kid.  Since the beginning, I have worked with some pretty awesome vendors.  I love being able to share the love of two individuals.  I feel blessed to work with such wonderful people each day and look forward to working with even more!

My Style:

I am in love with natural beauty and light.  My images are simple and timeless, where romance meets minty greens and golden light.  I focus on my couples and their emotions throughout the day.  I capture emotions and memories as you experience it.  I want you to relive your wedding day through your images!

My favorite part of a wedding day is the stolen moment.  What is a stolen moment? Well, it's a time that I steal you away for no more than 10-15 minutes for some portraits of the two of you.  It is a time for the both of you to take a breather from your party to soak in those moments of newly married bliss.  Often times, these are the most emotional images of the day.

Where am I?

I'm in Lyons, Wisconsin which is just outside Lake Geneva! But my location doesn't define where I can shoot! I love to travel and shoot all over the country! I often shoot weddings in the Wisconsin Dells, but I have shot weddings in Seattle, Mexico and Chicago to name a few! Getting married somewhere awesome? Lets chat!

Wait, you're Kassie... Where does the photography name come from?

Those two awesome kids you see there?  Those are my kids and the reason behind my photography name! Their middle names are long family names so I wanted to honor not just my kids, but my family too!